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Reasons to choose R-32

There is a growing movement to replace R-410A refrigerant. It’s different this time. You have a choice to make. The easy choice is R-32 refrigerant. Take a look at all the reasons why.

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Accelerated HVAC Success Podcasts

HVAC Learning Campus interviews HVAC Contractors about their experience selling, installing and maintaining R-32 refrigerant systems to their customers.

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Refrigerant Reclamation

Refrigerant reclamation is defined as the processing of used refrigerant gases so that they can meet specifications for re-use. Reclamation services were designed with the goal of reducing the environmental impact of refrigerants, allowing the re-use of existing refrigerants, thereby avoiding the need to manufacture new virgin refrigerants.

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Pledge for R-32 as the Preferred Refrigerant in the HVAC Industry

Recognize the importance of adopting environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in our HVAC work. Select below to learn more and sign the pledge.

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